irrigation system evaluated at no cost
for Water conservation & restrictions
We don't leave until it's running to your satisfaction!

Trouble shooting

Replace solenoid / valve 

Upgrade timer / Rain sensor


Pipe breaks

New Installation

Pump replacement

Pump repair

Pump installation

Well installation

Well flushing

Residential / Commercial:

Well & Pump system

City Water system



renovation / modification

Pumps / wells

repair / service

Napoles Irrigation Has a Solution For All Your Irrigation Needs

Licensed in the State of Florida

More Than Just an Irrigation Company

Napoles Irrigation does more than provide water to your landscape areas.   We do a walk thru with our client, evaluate the system and suggest needed changes to provide 100% coverage to all landscape areas.  We offer a personalized maintenance package, according to your budget in order to maintain your irrigation system fully operational.

Napoles Irrigation has been in business for more than 9 years, but we have more than 25 years experience in the irrigation industry.

Adjustments / Re-adjustments

Convert City water to pump & well

Re-routing of heads

Eliminating heads

Pipe and head relocation